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>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw. coming to you live from dw, i am brian thomas. >> kozel ben fajzullin. these are our headlines. the assad or shame makes a veiled threat to use chemical weapons in its fight for survival. >> a series of coordinated attacks in iraq leaves more than 100 people dead, 200 wounded in numerous locations. >> europe plunged to new market turmoil. spain's debt surges, and the stocks in the euro continued their slide. >> syria has issued a very stark warning against any foreign interference, implying it would
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use chemical or biological warfare to combat any intervention from abroad. >> the warning comes as international pressure grows on the government to step aside from several fronts arab foreign ministers said offered president assad a safe exit if he resigns. >> but the syrian leader is showing he intends to remain in power, launching new counter offenses against rebel strongholds. our coverage begins on the ground in syria. >> this video posted on the internet is believed to have been filmed in aleppo. rebels said fierce fighting is continuing there and the capital damascus. pressure is mounting on president bashar al-assad. for the first time, the syrian government has indirectly raised the question of using chemical weapons inside syrian borders. >> these weapons that they possession of -- possess are
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monitored and guarded by the syrian army. these weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against syria. >> syria has held stocks of chemical weapons since the early 1980's. the veiled threat to use them comes after the assad regime rejected an arab league offer of safe passage if the leader gives up power. >> first, we ask the regime to step down, but we did not set any time frame. the arab league pledges to provide a sawed and his family with safe exit to stop the bloodshed in syria. the faster we act, the better. >> with continuing pressure from both the international community and rebel groups, some fear that president assad might resort to
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using nonconventional weapons in a last-ditch effort to stay in power. >> that international pressure includes new efforts from the european union. >> foreign ministers in brussels have double arc -- have delivered a new round of sanctions on damascus, including an arms embargo. >> the lot of diplomats are starting to wonder how long assad will cling to power. >> good syrian rebels be close to victory? a growing number of the eu diplomats meeting in brussels say assad's time is running out. he is fighting to survive, but he certainly cannot win anymore. that is why we're working to increase the pressure on assad. and the pressure is growing. on monday, eu foreign ministers agreed to fresh sanctions on damascus and more aid for refugees. >> we can agree a further round of european union's sanctions on the assad regime, including entities involved in its financing. we now have to step up our
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humanitarian assistance. >> ministers also hope to convince more syrian government officials to turn their backs on the assad regime. >> we will make every effort to encourage it deserters to leave to help ease the transition of power. >> but further action by the international community may be hampered. russia and china are still blocking a resolution by the u.n. security council. >> our correspondent has been covering the meeting of eu foreign ministers. we asked him at the 17th round of sanctions now in more than a year against damascus is expected to really change anything. >> well, that was the question at the meeting today, just how many sanctions -- rounds to we have to have before anything happens? there's not much more the european union can do. they have added to the list of individuals and companies in syria that are not allowed to travel and those that have had their assets freeze, including
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the syrian national airline. they stepped up the arms embargo to make it obligatory for e u- member states to check vessels in territory waters or airplanes flying out of their territory for cargo destined for syria that could contain arms. it is about as much as the eu can do. but is this having any effect? we wait to see. as you say, 17th round of sanctions since march 2011. >> iraq is reeling from a series of attacks on the capital and 26 other locations that have left more than 100 people dead and over 200 wounded. >> and the death toll is expected to rise on the attack on many shiite muslims. it was the deadliest day in more than two years after al qaeda warned it was launching a new offensive to regain territory. >> this was the scene in a town north of baghdad. it was the site of the day's
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worst attack. at least 24 people were killed here alone. dozens more were wounded, most of them shiite civilians. >> if we had had weapons, we would have defended ourselves when the car bomber approached to attack the area. >> witnesses said two car bombs exploded. then a suicide bomber blew himself up as people responded to the scene. in solder city, another shiite- dominated suburb of baghdad, two bombs exploded. -- in sadr city. a texted + at least 13 iraqi towns and cities. they appear to be coordinated with the beginning of ramadan. the wave of attacks left police and emergency crews across the country stretched then. -- thin.
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northern iraq was also hit hard. at least four car bombs hit the city of kirkuk, killing six people and wounding 17 more. the attacks have left many iraqis angry at the government's inability to maintain security. >> we are the nash -- where are the national guard? how long is this destruction going to go on? even during ramadan. the authorities say everything is under control. it is only poor people who were killed. >> no group has taken responsibility, but some observers suspect al qaeda is trying to start a sectarian war between iraq's sunni and shiite communities. >> to the u.s. now or the man suspected of killing 12 people in a movie theater in aurora, colorado last week is made his first appearance in court. >> the 24-year-old was brought in by prosecutors who are considering whether to seek the death penalty. authorities say so for the suspect has refused to provide
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any information about what prompted him to open fire during a crowded movie. the troy get travels to athens on tuesday. auditors will be monitoring greece's progress on economic reform and spending cuts. >> the troika mission has been overshadowed by reports in the german media that the imf is not prepared to make any more bailout funds available athens because greece has failed to meet reform requirements. if greece does not receive the next installment of cash to make it faces bankruptcy by september and a disorderly exit from the euro. italy, too, is seeing the cost of its debt skyrocket with its 10-year bonds at an unsustainable 6.5%. and that, in spite of many labor market reforms and cuts of 26 billion over the last two years. >> italy joins spain in reinstating the ban on short- selling stocks as bank shares plunged today to record lows.
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the provinces are warning of a collapse in parts of the social services system should funding could continue without any growth in the economy. >> italy's negative press is hurting its banks. shares in these banks plunged so dramatically on monday that trading was temporarily halted. the excess away from the italian stocks and the high cost of borrowing means italian government revenue is sinking despite tax increases. pessimism is widespread. >> the crisis is here, even though everyone is pretending it is not. the crisis is here. >> it looks black. we will have to see if europe survives the crisis. europe is not very united. >> italian newspapers are full of speculation about whether greece will leave the eurozone and what the consequences of
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that would be for italy. >> stocks fell sharply, and the euro hit a 12-year low against the yen as spanish borrowing costs reached record highs on speculation madrid will need a full state bailout and sen. >> market analysts doubt the country can escape a full-blown rescue plan, not just for banks. more and more, spanish regions applied to the central government for aid to meet the monthly outlays. here is more. >> spain has already applied for help for its troubled banks. now analysts say it is a matter of time until the government itself seeks a bailout. madrid's barring costs for five- year bonds have jumped to over 7% -- borrowing costs. a record level. spain's economy minister has played down the market volatility and in system midget will not need a national bailout. >> the spanish government has done everything it has to. we're bringing our spending under control.
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after consulting with our eurozone partners, we have reduced our budget deficit to just 6.3% this year and will continue austerity measures next year. >> but markets are not convinced and worries about spain have dragged down the eurozone's common currency. in the last year, the euro has fallen about 15% against the dollar and is now at its lowest point in two years. adding to the bad news, there is growing speculation that several of spain's cash-strapped regional governments may ask for help from madrid. that would put even more pressure on the national government as it struggles with rising borrowing costs and a troubled banking sector. >> is how bad was the turmoil on european markets after those spanish borrowing costs spiked again? our frankfurt corresponded fill this in. >> the concerns about this out of the eurozone have triggered
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concerns about a systemic crisis again. concerns that the sovereign debt markets of the eurozone or may be the credit market in general could experience some sort of congestion or blockage. this overshadowed news which, in normal times, could be bound to inspire stock-buying. for example, philips, the electronics giant, return to profit in the course of the last quarter, and many mergers and acquisitions are being announced here in europe as well as in north america. >> let's see where those big blockages have left us this monday. the dax way down low, well over 3% down. the euro stoxx 50 close behind. to new york were the dow is currently trading down by 1%. the euro is fairly flat but still way down low, $1.2027. after wondering whether summer
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would never show its face or a that was to be a july and august of yet more rain and cold weather, germans and other central europeans have been getting out those shorts in summer dresses. >> finally. clear skies and warm temperatures have seen crowds packing outdoor cafes and urban strains to make up for all that good sun lost that was sorely missed by many over the past four weeks. ♪ >> no, this is not summer in italy. it is the park around berlin's cathedral at the heart of the german capital. people have flocked here to enjoy the summer which seems to have finally arrived. >> it is great. the weather is super, perfect for lying in the park. >> it is fantastic. >> about time. i hope it stays like this. >> in los sun and not a cloud in sight -- endless sun. pure bliss.
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from the banks of berlin's river to the city of frankfurt, the mercury is rising across germany. >> the party is not over. the second half of the week will bring temperatures above 30 degrees. southwestern germany will see over 34 degrees. it is going to be hot. >> amazingly, germany is the means of doing some of its southern neighbors on the weather front. >> based on sunshine, the next few days will be nicer here in central europe than in italy. >> but there is one dark cloud on the horizon. experts say next week will bring a fresh round of gloomy weather. >> we will be back in 1 minute ride after the break. when we're there again, the super rich seek new tax havens for their wealth. >> and disturbing developments from the international aids conference in the u.s., the first summit is being held there again in a long time. we will have the latest developments, so keep watching. >> did not go away.
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>> welcome back. as countries around the world grapple with spiralling debt and deficits, there are growing calls to tax the rich more. >> that is right. and for an end to offshore tax havens. in the report shows the world's richest people have stashed up to $26 trillion -- that is right, trillion euros worth of assets in safe havens. >> that is according to tax justice network. the hit in many is roughly equivalent to the gdp of the united states and japan combined. >> the alps are a favorite destination for the wealthy. jersey and the cayman islands are also popular. besides beyonce, the wealthy also keep large sums of money here -- besides yachts.
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the tax justice network estimates the total wealth tax havens is as much as $26 trillion euros. most of the money belongs to a small group, and it is not the americans and europeans at the top, but rather, asians. in the past four decades, has accounted for the most capital flight, almost one trillion euros, followed by russia with 658 billion euros, and south korea with 643 billion euros. capital flight is a huge problem for developing countries. according to the report, rich citizens from such nations have more money in foreign banks than the total debt of the countries. they put considerable blame on multinational banks which play a key role in capital flight. the wealth is often transferred legally, but countries are losing hundreds of billions in tax revenue. >> the situation is also putting a dent in patriotism.
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in the case of france, it is not just capital flight that is a problem. some of the wealthier residents are packing up and leaving the country entirely to avoid paying higher taxes. >> a lot of flocking to friendly nations like britain and switzerland following the french president's new wealth tax. >> it is nt just the super rich on the move. even europe's middle-class is trying to protect its wealth from governments they no longer fully trust to tax them fairly. >> swiss real estate is especially attractive for investors right now, and one of the hottest locations is the area around the lake of zurich. this is just about the most expensive property in europe. >> it is not the cheapest, but it has excellent value if you know what you're looking for. >> this is a real estate agent whose customers are among the world's richest. this year, he has been taking a lot of calls from potential
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clients from greece. they're not the super rich to have long owned property here. >> the ones expressing interest right now are the affluent middle class. they are reluctant to rebuild their net worth which is required since the banking secrecy laws were changed. in greece, everyone tells the government they do not have any money. and suddenly they are here and are wealthy. that requires explanation. >> and then there is the so- called law that requires foreigners buying real estate in switzerland to make it their principal residence. that scares off some potential property buyers in greece. even so, demand is on the rise. but properties like the is costing more than 20 million swiss francs are difficult to sell. >> i guess that is the upper
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limit. the greeks used to sing at the moment are interested in produce between 5 million francs and 15 million francs. >> and that is what you can find on the other side of the lake of zurich, the cheapside. this 230-square meter penthouse flat is ideal for a wealthy greek investor. it sells for a mere 10 million swiss francs, and it is a safe investment. swiss real-estate maintains its resale value. >> as eu citizens, the greeks are free to move here. the ones who have done so are not numbered in the hundreds, but there have been quite a few. switzerland is an attractive location for wealthy middle class greeks. >> he is in a hurry because his next greek customer is waiting. for reasons of discretion, we're
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not allowed to meet the client. >> change of pace and to the story on hiv/aids. the study of black men in six american cities as of hiv infection rates were 50% higher than among white men. the report also shows that overall infection rates among black gay and bisexual men in the u.s. rival those seen in sub-saharan africa. >> a shocking results. the findings have been presented at the international aids conference in washington, d.c. organizers say same-sex education and cheaper drug therapy remains the best way to combat the virus. a number of european countries have seen that strategy delivers the real advances for public health. >> some figures to offer hope in the fight against hiv-aids. the german health minister was in washington to open germany's stand at the conference. >> we are proud that the number of new infections in germany have sunk to just 2700 new infections a year, but that is
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still 2700 gemini. still worth putting in further efforts and not letting up. >> germany is not the only country that is optimistic. the first international h.i.v.- aids conference in the u.s. in 22 years is being called a success. organizers say they dare to dream of an hiv-free nation. >> it is because over the last three years, we have had a series of scientific breakthroughs which give us the tools to begin to dramatically reduce or curb the number of new infections. >> researchers have shown that infected people who receive proper treatment can become far less likely to spread the virus. life expectancy has also gone up. this man has lived with the virus for 15 years now. >> when i found out i was positive, i thought i had two or three years left, and that is how i lived for a while. then things balanced out, and now i know i will live to be really old. >> the trade-off is that he and
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other hiv patients have to put up with the medications side effects. although treatment is improving, the message in washington is clear. prevention is still the key. >> could the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan have been prevented? since the break down over a year ago, there have been four studies that have attempted to answer that question. >> the latest one released on monday was backed by the government. it said that the plant that operated tepco thought the facility was saved but wasn't prepared for the disaster. >> the government's 450-page final report is a blistering critique of the fukushima disaster was handled. it's as the government, regulators, and operators ignored the inherent dangers of nuclear power. prime minister yoshihiko noda was handed a copy of the findings. the 10-member and our panel has called for more responsibility and independent thinking. >> when disaster strikes, you
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have to be able to make decisions under extreme pressure. if someone is not prepared to do that, then they're not qualified to be running a nuclear plant. >> the report is especially critical of the fukushima plant operator tepco. investigators said the company was less than cooperative in tried to play down the extent of the damage. meltdown's occurred in three of the reactors following last year's earthquake and tsunami. the report says tepco was ill- prepared to cope with the disaster and is still struggling to deal with the fukushima site. the government's decision to reopen at nuclear plants has prompted protests. reactors were shut down for security checks after the disaster and many japanese think they should remain offline permanently. the fukushima report's of this is on the clear risks is likely to bolster opposition to nuclear power. >> it is just four days until
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the summer olympic games. one of these sports germany is favored to win gold in is rowling. >> of the last olympics, the men's team finished a disappointing eighth. since then, they have gone on to beat many of the other teams in championship meets. >> this time, they aim to come home with at least a metal -- medal. >> germany has a 34 competition winning streak, including three world championships. the team has never been better, and the coach said the what the ultimate trophy. >> go for gold. we have been unbeaten for three years, and we have built up an advantage. now we want the crowning achievement. >> of the squad has undergone 10 months of intense preparation. in february, there olympic training site in dortmund froze over. so the coach moved training and doors. the team began using rowing machines sets a maximum performance, but physical fitness is not the only
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important aspect. >> the team is a good match. they have all been rowing together for years now. the high level of psychological stability is good for competition. >> of the athletes have rowed nearly 8,000 kilometers in training sessions. the have improved technique and endurance, and they're confident of their medal chances. >> the pressure we're under is self-induced. to is what we expect of ourselves. we have high expectations, probably higher than anyone else would demand of us. >> and what they expected to bring home germany's first gold medal in their sport since the seoul olympics 24 years ago. >> sang with the olympics, the president of the international olympic committee has paid tribute to the 11 israeli athletes killed by palestinians at the 1972 games. >> air ceremony at the olympic village in east london, he led a minute silence in memory of those killed by kidnappers during the munich games.
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there was criticism over the weekend after rolling up marking the 40th anniversary of the massacre at london's opening ceremony which takes place on friday. >> ok, a brief recap on some of the stories making the news. the government in damascus has made some veiled threats to use chemical or biological weapons should be attacked from outside. >> also, europe plunged into market chaos with this situation in spain. stay tuned for more details. >> goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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